New PC Translator 2010 -Language Updated

PC Translator 2010

The PC Translator program serves as a support to text translations into 17 languages to foreign languages. It is an indispensable tool for translations of websites, e-mails, faxes, letters, instructions, help, etc.

File Size : 155 MB

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Xara Web Designer v.

• The updated element NavBars automatically expands as you type, and its modified version is displayed on all pages.
• Advanced mode display images in a slide show.
• The ability to drag and drop multiple images at once will be useful when filling in Web galleries.
• Upgraded tools for working with text easy to add to the page numbered lists and bulleted lists, and help to "wrap" text graphics and images.
• Pictures and graphics can now be fixed in one place and will scroll with the text.
• Simplified mechanism for uploading videos to MP4 format and built-in video player.
• Support for pages with smoothed corners.
• Improved mechanisms for inserting snippets of HTML.
• Simplified procedure for adding links to external files such as PDF documents and Word.
• Automatically backup and save documents open at the end of the application.
• Access to free web hosting directly from the application interface.

File Size : 50 MB

Protectedsoft FinalBurner PRO v2.23.0.233 Cracked

Protectedsoft FinalBurner PRO v2.23.0.233 Cracked-F4CG

Protectedsoft FinalBurner PRO v2.23.0.233 Cracked-F4CG

+ Burn Data CD/DVD (CD R/RW, DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW, DVD DL, HD-DVD, Blu-Ray, etc.)
+ Autorun menu designer
+ Burn Audio CD (Import from .wav; .mp3; .ogg; .mid; .wma; .aac; .mp4; .m4a; .xm; .mod; .s3m; .it; .mtm; .mo3 audio files.)
+ Burn Video DVD (Import from AVI, DIVX, XVID, MP4, MPG, WMV, ASF, MOV, etc. Capture from Webcam, TV tuner, DV, etc. )
+ Burn VideoCD, Burn SuperVideoCD, Burn ISO images, AudioCD Ripper
+ Burn MP3 CD/DVD (Import from *.wav; *.ogg; *.mid; *.wma; etc… audio files.)
+ Copy data CD/DVD
+ Design and print CD jewel case and DVD box labels, booklets

File Size : 12 Mb

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Alcohol 120% Black Edition v.4.0

Alcohol 120% Black Edition 4.0 2008

File Size 8 Mb
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Boilsoft Video Joiner v5.32 Retail

AVI Joiner, MPEG Joiner, RM Joiner, WMV/ASF Joiner, 3GP Joiner, MP4 Joiner, MKV Joiner, FLV Joiner, MP4a Joiner, RMVB Joiner, VOB Joiner all-in-one.
Download or buy our AVI/MPEG/RM/WMV/FLV/MKV Joiner/Merger now!
* Direct Stream Clone Mode joins same type files in super speed.
* Re-encode Mode joins any different format files as you like.
* Support join AVI, DivX, MPEG-4 files.
* Support join MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 video files.
* Support join VOB video files.
* Support join RM, RMVB files.
* Support join ASF, WMV, WMA files
* Support join 3GP(.3gp, .3g2) files
* Support join MP4(.mp4, .m4a, .m4v) files
* Support join MKV files.
* Support join FLV, MTS files in Re-encode Mode.
* Support join MPEG Audio and Windows Media Audio.
* Join video files as many as you want.
* Scramble and rearrange the video clips in the sequence that you exactly desire.
* Very User-friendly interface.
* Microsoft DirectX 8.1 or later runtime [Download Here]
* Microsoft Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/2003/ Windows Vista/ Windows 7
Homepage :

Winamp 5.572 (x86) EN Cracked

OS: Windows® 98/ME/2000/2003/XP/Vista/7
Language: English
License: Cracked

Presonus Studio One Pro v1.5.0 - 32/64 bit

Presonus Studio One Pro  v1.5.0 (32/64 bit)

Platform: Windows
Activation: Keygen

Artists of all levels, from beginner to seasoned professional, will find Studio One a serious alternative to the intimidating, bloated offerings currently considered the standards. Its a groundbreaking music creation and production application for Mac OS X and Windows XP/Vista/7 that makes audio recording, MIDI sequencing, and audio mastering ridiculously simple right out of the box. Studio One changes the rules of the game with fresh code, innovative drag-and-drop MIDI mapping and plug-in management, auto-configuration with PreSonus hardware, insanely good audio quality, unlimited tracks and plug-ins per track, and a powerful, inventive Start page. And although Studio One Pro hit the scene just months ago we ve already added even still more pro chops with Version 1.5. From tracking to mixing to mastering and distribution, its the creative environment built for intuitive use, speed, and efficiency–and yet it’s robust enough for the most complex productions.

- Integrated Video Playback via Quicktime
- SoundCloud integration ( for instant uploading of songs to web sites, FaceBook, etc. without exiting Studio One
- Key Command Editor Easily create custom key command maps
- 64-bit Vista/7 and Snow Leopard operation (Logic is only other DAW that does this)
- Improved Automation Editing with Draw Figures (Line, Parabola, Square, Triangle, Saw, Sine) and manipulate with unique Transform tool
- Drag to Browser functionality The Browser is now a two-way street, drag inserts to store presets/fx chains, drag audio events to bounce files to a location, drag instrument parts to bounce midi files to a location
- New Plug-ins, Content, and existing Effect and Instrument Improvements

File Size : 101 mb

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Ashampoo Home Designer v1.0

Ashampoo Home Designer  v1.0

Ashampoo Home Designer

- Amazingly easy to use: just drag furniture, doors, windows etc. into position, all in 3D
- Large database of building components, furniture, fittings, accessories, materials and people for full realism
- View in 3D from inside, outside, above or below - its like being there!
- Rotate and tilt the entire design with your mouse
- Smooth zoom, move in close or view from a distance
- Advanced lighting and raytracing for realistic 3D rendering
- Import your own photos to use as backgrounds
- Add dimensions in seconds by clicking and dragging
- Export your plans as 3D objects
- Import 3D objects from the Ashampoo 3D CAD series of products
- Export and save your plans as bitmap images with multiple views
- Save components and materials lists as PDF, RTF or XML files
- Customer database for users who want to do work for others

File Size : 166 mb

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Orbit Downloader v.

Orbit Downloader, leader of download manager revolution, is devoted to new generation web (web2.0) downloading, such as video/music/streaming media from Myspace, YouTube, Imeem, Pandora, Rapidshare, support RTMP. And to make general downloading easier and faster.

Orbit Downloader v.

File Size : 2.45 MB

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Point stone System Cleaner v.5.90

Key Features:
• Restores your hard drive's performance, hard-drive space and protect your privacy by cleaning Internet history, cache, temporary files, Windows temp files, recent document list, find history, run history, *.CHK files, the recycle bin, additional garbage and much, much more.
• Scans dead shortcuts from your Start menu and Desktop. If it finds any shortcuts that point to files that do not exist, it will list them for you.
• Lets you delete or disable entries that automatically start on Windows startup. This pulls all entries from your Start Menu-Programs-Startup folder as well as from the registry.
• Define your own user defined items to remove (specified files or folders).
• Backup files to a ZIP file or proprietary file format. You can later restore individual files using the "Restore Wizard".
• Clean Directories and Internet Cache Files. Allows you to clean directories that usually have Temporary Files or cache files (Windows Temp Directory, Documents Folder, MS Internet Explorer Cache Directory and Netscape Cache Directory).
• Powerful file search. You can select to scan for files between a certain date, with some or all file attributes, with a certain size or with the contents of a file matching a user-defined text string.
• Remove files to Recycle Bin, zip them, move them to a folder or completely delete them!
• Scans multiple hard drives.
• Fixes system errors that slow your PC down and cause it to crash
• Speeds up your PC's execution of software programs
• Removes space-wasting temporary files and other unnecessary disk clutter
• Tunes up and optimizes the Windows Registry
• Erases all evidence of your computer and internet activity
• Makes your PC boot faster
• Makes your PC shutdown faster
• Fine-tunes all important Windows settings

File Size : 3.96 MB

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